Cisco CIS430 PVR not responding


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Hi there,


I have a Cisco CIS430 PVR.  It is not responding.

The power, link, HD, and record lights are on solid.  When I unplug the device, wait for 10 sec, and then plug it back in, these lights come on immediately.  There is no blinking.

The device does not respond to the remote control.  I tested the remote control on another STB and it works fine.

The TV screen shows "no signal".  I tested the TV with another STB and it's fine.  I also tested the HDMI cable, and it works fine.

I tried the "booting in sequence" trick and nothing different happens.

Other telus services work okay.  I can watch TV on another STB, access netflix, and internet works fine as well.

When I try to access the PVR from another STB I get the message "recordings list is not available"







Also, pushing the Power button on the device does nothing.

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Community Power User

Good chance the PVR died. The 430 is an older model that has since been replaced with a newer one. May want to call Telus to see if a replacement can be sent out.

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I just had an online chat session with Telus and that was their conclusion too: dead.

They're going to send out a tech next week to replace the box.

Thanks for your reply.


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Had the same problem. Tech support said it was a bad component

on the circuit board that prevented the PVR from completing its



Anyone know where I can get the schematic diagram for the

Cisco CIS430 PVR?


Mine hangs on initialization, so won't connect to Telus TV.


I have some very important recordings I want to recover, so

my intention is to replace the faulty component that affects

the initialization process...this is why I need the wiring diagram

for this unit. Or, can I put my drive into a good functional CIS430?


I see Atlantic Scientific, formerly owned by Cisco, has been

sold off, to I'm not likely to get a diagram from them...



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The recordings on the PVR are encrypted and cannot be used on any other device. Hanging on initialization can also mean the PVR isn't seeing the connection to the internet. The CIS430 was retired years ago so you won't be able to get a new one of them. Cisco also will definitely not give out a circuit diagram for their devices. You're best off having a tech out to see if there is anything that can be done on site, but odds if it is not fixable, it will need to be replaced with a newer model. You won't be able to keep the recordings in that case.

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