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Channels "Pushed" to the Guide


I am a long-time and mostly-satisfied Telus Optik customer.  The primary ongoing annoyance I run into is with my on-screen guide.  I subscribe to only a few of the channel packages. I have set up my Guide (on two TVs)  to display only the channels to which I subscribe or which I actually use.  Mostly this works well.  However, Telus is constantly "pushing" channels to my guide.  These are often information channels, PPV channels, and even sometimes diversity channels in languages I could never hope to understand.  The most annoying of these channels happens each Christmas season, when I suddenly find my Guide showing the Santa Tracker, which Telus prevents me from deleting until they feel the season is well past.

I often find several new channels a week displayed on my guide.  So, for two televisions, I have to walk my way through the settings menu on each, deleting these unwanted Items.  I have grown to treat the practice as equivalent to weekly household dusting.  But it is annoying. Frankly, I cannot recall a single instance in which a "pushed" channel has caused me to want to make use of it going forward.


Surely there ought to be a setting where I can do the equivalent of lock my on-screen Guide?

I would not be unhappy to receive an email notice once a month to tell me what Telus is promoting.  But can we not find a way to allow me to control my own Guide?



Do you have your guides set to All Subscribed? Or custom lists you created yourself? If it is a pure custom list then you raise a pretty good point. I wouldn't be surprised if this hadn't occurred to the product team how annoying this could be when new channels appear on custom lists automatically. All Subscribed will always update with new things are available but a custom list shouldn't be that flexible if the customer has a set list they want to see.


If you are using custom lists and this is happening, I would drop an email to [email protected] and let them know. Definitely something they should look in to.



Thanks for the response.  This is my own custom list.

So, after sharing essentially the content of my note from above, the following is the 'response' from Telus, through, [email protected].  Which perhaps raises yet another frustration -- the rapidly increasing use by Telus of automated 'responses'.  At the very least, it makes one hope for the rapid development in the future of artificial intelligence, if only to get an intelligent automated response.

Thank you for your email.   Please note that emails sent to this email address will not receive a response.

We appreciate any suggestions or feedback you have regarding your TELUS TV® service.  All emails are read and your comments and suggestions are passed on to the appropriate department.

If you would like to contact us with a question or require a response, please use the contact information below.


  • Visit Then click on a help link in the upper right hand corner for online user guides, troubleshooting tips and FAQs.
    • Call 310-MYTV (310-6988)

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Community Power User
Community Power User
You can’t expext Telus to respond to every single email they receive. They do acknowledge them, and some features users want do eventually make to the platform.

I do understand the annoyance of the extra channels you have to always delete. It only takes a min to get rid of them. I like the KISS of my guide as well. But it’s something I just live with after all these years.

I was not suggesting that the firm ought to reply to all email messages.  I am not sure that a machine reply to a customer inquiry such of mine qualifies as an an 'acknowledgement' in the conventional (human) sense of the word. 


But, I guest at least the machine response was not completely patronizing.

That email box is monitored by a marketing and product improvement team so it's definitely the right area to send it to. The auto-acknowledgement message is mostly so customers don't start flooding it with random requests thinking it's a way to sneak in and get in direct contact with someone who could help with their bill or troubleshooting etc.


The simple answer is that Telus marketing would like to market their programming!  And if they can't "push" the channel information to you it wouldn't be marketed.