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Channels Missing from the guide

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Woke up this morning missing channels that I had yesterday from my guide specifically 1562 CTV News Channel and 1564 CBC News Channel I pay for the news and learning package on top of my normal satellite plan. I have waited over 2 hrs to talk to someone with no luck, I have reset my PVR and the channels are still gone my friend in BC (also with telus) still has access to the channels.  Anyone else in Alberta having issues?


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Same thing happened here in Rural BC. Could not watch the Presidential debate last night on CBC News network channel 1564 has disappeared. I can ply get cbc Vancouver. I don't want to stay up until 11 pm to watch the national. It might be time to get rid of Telus TV

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Community Power User
If you're missing the channel contact Telus. You do realize Telus satellite they're just a reseller of Bell with their branding.

It could be a weak transponder issue/weak signal, misaligned dish (due to weather conditions) or many other things. I like to call or live chat early in the morning, before it becomes busy.

Channel 502 (SD)
Channel 1564 (HD)


Had ctv newsnet on satellite (ch 501) missing ... Went  on chat  they had a problem and it will be fixed. But I think you still have to call telus or chat. Try resetting the receiver first may save a call. I won't know if mine is fixed until I get home 2 days from now.

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I'm a Telus Satellite subscriber located in the East Kootenays. Like others on this site, I lost CBC and CTV HD news channels and CTV SD news channel on my primary receiver (with PVR capability). However, both channels are still accessible on my secondary receiver. I have not tried contacting Telus, but I'm hoping this problem will be corrected soon.

The missing channels.....ctv   news was missing so went on chat away from home when I returned two receivers had channels back. The third one the power was shut off along with desktop so I phoned first thing next morning teck did a reset from there end and told me they had a transponder problem...It was a Canadian rep.. it makes a difference. The odd problem that occurs with internet or tv is best dealt with on weekdays rather than weekends. Getting upset with telus does not solve anything the other outfits have numerous problems too.

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