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Change the internet plan and remove unlimited data service

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I already changed my internet plan to unlimited usage. Now I want to remove this service and back to normal one to save money. How can I do it in "My account"? Can I do it on line without calling?





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Community Power User

Typically for changes of this type, you'll need to call Telus.

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you can add but you can't remove and need to call in


I suggest that you call and ask the rep to remove the unlimited data on your account, and also ask them to adjust the pre-billing to effect the data plan downgrade to save yourself some money.  

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Community Power User

Keep an eye on your data usage under "my account" so you don't incur any extra charge if you go over your allotted Data for the month. As long as you have not been hitting your Data cap for the month(s) you've had your internet you should be fine in removing it.


If you're a heavy streamer (Netflix, youtube etc.) depending on your plan you could be close to reaching your cap.


Viewing your account at My account>Internet>View Usage will give you an indication what you use for the month data wise.

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Yeah no way to remove it and I just realized thwy NO LONGER HAVE 24H support so unacceptable and annoying. I mean what the hell the company must be growing but why shrinking the service people? I might as well switch from Telus to a better company who isn't regressive.