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Cannot send out emails

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Please help! Since last week thursday I cannot send any emails from my outlook account ( I am receiving them just not being able to send out). When I bring my laptop to work (in which they use Shaw for their provider) all of my emails send. I have gone to Microsoft where they reloaded Outlook and repaired all files. Of course email worked there but brought my laptops home and it didn't work again. Just to mention that the emails cannot be sent from my PC laptop, MAC laptop and phone- so that takes out any problems with one device. Again since I can send emails from anywhere else but home- where i use Telus- it cannot be a Microsoft issue. Of course I am being told by Telus it is Microsofts problem and by Microsoft it is a Telus problem. When I phone into telus they say they cannot help me because i am not using a telus email. So frustrated and ready to switch to Shaw! Can anyone help? Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

What outgoing mail server do you have in your settings? If it's, you'll want to re-check the settings including port # and SSL settings. If it's a company server, they may have changed settings and you'll have to check with them.

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It sounds like the issue is in your home. You maybe in a condo? if so, you may need to strengthen your signal, if it works everywhere but at home?  I needed to strengthen my signal, because I have 25 networks show up on my computer. Also double check if you have a photo or large attachment that maybe clogging up your outgoing e-mail?