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Cannot initialize

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I have tried everything posted and nothing is working. It's been initializing for 10 minutes. Very frustrating because of course the 24/7 tech support is closed for the weekend. This has been happening for awhile now. I'm about ready to go to shaw

Community Power User
Community Power User

Reboot the modem/router. Wait till it is back online and verify your internet connection. Then reboot your receiver by unplugging it wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.


Make sure the LINK light is light up. If not a cabling issue. If within 2-5 minutes it does not give you picture try this below:


Soft reset procedure:


  1. Unplug your Receiver Four times in a row.  Wait will you see the three dots then unplug/plug in repeat this process till you do it four times.
  2. One gear will appear then Two ( it can take anywhere between 3-10 minutes )
  3. After the second appears on the screen the receiver will show three dots and initializing
  4. 3-5 min later the receiver should finally work


If this still fails give Telus a call so they can better diagnose the issue. Tech support is not closed weekends and open 24/7



Community Power User
Community Power User

The only time you'll get a message about them being closed is if you end up reaching Sales instead of Support while outside of sales hours.

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