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Cancelled service, but extra bill came through


Hi there,


So my service was cancelled on 23rd of May, but upon calling Telus about changing my forwarding address, they said I owe $106, which is due 31st of May. But the customer service representative said I’ve already paid for service until June 9th and I should get an adjusted bill then. So even though this extra bill is due 31st of May, I’m safe to leave it until I get my final bill in June?




What's the billing date of your last bill? If your last payment was after the billing date then it won't reflect your payment. What does your online account indicate as the balance?

In any event, the definitive answer requires access to your account. Since nobody here has access your best bet is to go with what the CS rep told you.

Thanks for the response. Yea I guess I'll have to trust them. Unfortunately I can't even access my own account. I can log in, but I get stuck with "please link your account" screen and there's no way for me to get past it.