Can I move my modem?


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Looking to move my modem to a different room, would I have to get a Telus tech out for that or is it something I could possibly tackle?

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Which modem do you have, the one which connects to a phone jack (with or without filters), or the one which connects to an ethernet connection? Also, what speed service do you have?

Modem with filters can be moved to any other phone jack, just take the filter.

Modem without filters would likely require a tech to change the wire connections for the new jack, but not necessarily, depending on how the connection was made.

Modem with ethernet connection would require the ethernet wire follow the modem to the new room. This may, or may not be a do-it-yourself project depending on your skill level.

Share more info with us, and we can likely provide more details. The model number of your modem will be one of the most important things we need to know.

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To clarify, for homes with microfilters present, they are on all phones but not the modem. It's rare to see filters anymore as they were more used with ADSL modems. The newer VDSL modems (Actiontec, Zyxel) are more likely to have a POTS splitter present making moving the modem not possible without a tech.

Calgaryscot - Are you just looking for better wireless signal or just planning to move your PC/etc to a new room?

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Thanks for the replies, I was just looking to move it to a more convenient location.