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Can I cancel my home phone if I bundle phone,internet, tv? And also if it's in my husbands name?

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You'll want to speak with someone in Sales about this. If it's under just your husband's name, he'll have to call in and make the changes or authorize you to make changes on his behalf.


If you drop the landline, the portion of the bundle discount related to it will go away. There should still be some bundle discount for internet / TV. If you're on contract right now, that will complicate things. If you have a Telus mobility phone/plan you may be able to get them to bundle that as well.

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You do not need home phone to use Telus internet, they will simply do a "dry loop" connection to your home instead.


I have Telus Internet 50 at home with no home phone line and there has never been an issue, and have OptikTV on top of it, although, granted, i'm no longer in a contract.