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Call wait times

Just Moved In

I have been on hold to speak to someone for over an hour. This is ridiculous. Why is your customer service so bad? 


What # do you use to text message

No number, just text Telus and you will see

Friendly Neighbour

They are only aggressive when getting customers to subscribe. Once you're a subscriber frustration sets in. The Chat feature is only a come on. Besides the wait times they will only direct you to a contact number for support and then another wait time is on the horizon. What a frustrating experience to be a Telus subscriber.

Just tried your link and that says that it is unavailable!!  Never have any problems with Telus Home Services.  Starting to thing that Telus Mobility is very poorly managed!!

Yes I tired that I clicked on link and I doesn’t work

Friendly Neighbour

Same thing. Chat will give you The Support number to call. Then the waiting begins and frustration sets in.

I chatted with one on the computer.. then it disconnected when i tried to access my bill to answer a question. never heard back from them even though they had my phone number. Telus is literally making me lose my mind.

Friendly Neighbour

See that would be great except for the fact your agents can't help with Web orders.. Well except for the web orders department who you can


1) Email (4-5 day wait)

2) LEave a voicemail (2 day wait)

3) Stay on the line and hope and prey (currently 1hr15m)


All because Canada post lost my order and for some g*d forsaken reason No one at telus but the Web order team can open an investigation with Canada post

Just Moved In

I have been on hold for 1 hour and 39 minutes now and still counting. I have been taking screen shots of my phone just to report the final time later. This is ridiculous considering I came to Telus for professional service. 

Were you not given an option for a callback? I had to call the other day and was given that option and had a callback in less than half an hour. I've been with telus six months and each of the 3 times I've called I was given that option.

Telus now has the text messenging in place. I've used texting a few times and was able to resolve my problem. They don't always reply immediately but do get back to you.

Just Moved In

Same with me. More than an hour waiting and listening to the


dreadful music. Surely there are better ways to serve customers