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Call display while watching Telus TV overides pause function.


Frustration when watching an interesting TV show and someone calls my land line. I can't pause the tv show and pick up the call. I have to pick up call first and then pause the tv show ! This looks like a recent bad software push. I don't believe this was a problem in the past as I was an "early adopter" of Telus TV and I can't recall this except in the past few months.


Community Power User
Community Power User
@PaulMcG I've never noticed this issue, when there was an incoming call. (Never tried
It before) Were you able to pause it in the past during an incoming call watching "live"'tv?


I'm pretty sure that this was the case with my previous Cisco CIS430 PVR, as it is with my new Arris VIP5662W PVR. As far as I know, it's not a question of not being able to pause until the phone is answered, but of not being able to pause until the Caller ID display is no longer showing. I've addressed this by making my Caller ID display for only 5 seconds. Not an ideal solution to an annoying problem, but it serves.