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Call Control


Would anyone know if there is a limit to the number of callers you can have on your "Accepted Callers List"?

I have tried adding some additional numbers, and when I go to save the additions, it comes back that the system is currently down.  This is occurring

every time I attempt to add numbers.


Thanks very much for your help!




Community Power User
Community Power User


Does not appear to list a maximum number on the support info page. It's also possible that there may be a temporary bug in the system so maybe try it again a bit later.

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Thanks so much for your help - I'll try again at a later time.

Enjoy your evening.



There is a maximum limit of 25 numbers you can add in your Allow/Block list using Call Control.

Source: Logged into self serve account, selected Call Control, selected Accepted list, and there is a message that states "You can add up to 25 numbers to your Accepted list."

Hope that helps 🙂