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Calgary Strathcona Park Fibre Service

Just Moved In
I am writhing in regards to the awful connection (Copper) we have been having over the past month or so. Very similar to many of the posts I have been reading. I’ve had 2 service people out the last 5 days to try and resolve the problem and the latest evaluation was that our copper lines from the house to the termination point have corroded and are not functioning properly. I work from home most of the time and need a constant connection, on and off connection is not acceptable.

Telus can you please upgrade our neighborhood with a Fibre connection to mitigate these issues? I have asked the surrounding neighbors and they are all having the same problems, so it is just not the cable from my house to the termination point. We look forward to an immediate response.


Telus won’t give updates if and when fibre will e available. They will give a link to a page to request fibre to the neighbourhood that does nothing.