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Broken internet connections

Just Moved In

I am in Morinville AB. The internet speed seems OK. But the connection is almost disconnected every several minutes. Every time the disruption will last around 30 seconds. Is this a common problem?



@lzh007  Check all your connection. I assume you are on wifi reboot your modem. I had wifi disconnect 2Times last week rebooted ok now. Google wifi analyzer by ( ) down load it and you can see your wifi strength. look up db strength for wifi to learn about it.

If you have a Mac there is an app called WiFi Explorer that works very well. The types of dropouts discussed are most likely a hardware issue but who knows. Maybe there is severe RF interference nearby.

Just Moved In

My internet and television signals drop out intermittently. Most often it doesn't last more than a minute or two. I catch it about 4 or 5 times a month. How often it happens when I'm not using my system is unknown. I don't have an RF Analyzer that I can attach to the line to see it. 
   I am a Broadcast Engineer and I've determined it's my Optic Receiver... or the Modem (assuming it's not further down the line).

I lose both TV and Internet at the same time,


   I've TRIED to speak to someone at Telus Support and after 1+hr waits on holds and speaking with Filipino support reps who can't do anything I'm just about ready to go back to SHAW. 


   It sounds like yours issues are more frequent than mine. If it's not fixed by one or two reboots you need new hardware or a Telus tech to check out your lines. Infrastructure issues should be easy to resolve if you can get TELUS to stop making excuses and do their **bleep** jobs. They are very frustrating and seemingly very incompetent.