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Bonded Optik Internet 50 slow upload speeds

Just Moved In

I recently upgraded to Optik Internet 50 from Optik Internet 25, and it was provisioned via loop bonding.

For the download speeds I'm now getting around 53 - 56Mbps. But my upload speed is consistently around 3.5 to 3.8Mbps.

Before upgrading from 25Mbps, I was getting upload speeds of 5-6Mbps. It doesn't make sense to me that the download speed would be faster, but the upload speeds would drop by almost half. 


Just wondering if the community has faced anything similar, or perhaps I should call tech support for this?

Thanks in advance!


Line 1  
Line Rate:43597 Kbps2973 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate:53669 Kbps5012 Kbps
SNR:6.2 dB9.0 dB
Attenuation:(DS1)15.4, (DS2)36.6 dB(US1)12.5, (US2)29.1 dB
Power:18.6 dBm-5.6 dBm


Line 2  
Line Rate:21039 Kbps789 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate:25470 Kbps819 Kbps
SNR:6.3 dB5.1 dB
Attenuation:(DS1)17.2, (DS2)39.4 dB(US1)8.1, (US2)33.2 dB
Power:18.6 dBm-2.5 dBm

Friendly Neighbour

It unfortunately is the nature of the beast.  I did the same thing you did; upgrade from 25mbit to bonded 50mbit and didn't notice an increase in upload speeds.  There are a number of things that can affect the speeds; distance from the CO, inside wiring, the connections inside the box outside the house where the wiring comes in, etc...


In all honesty, unless your uploading a lot of data, outbound speed isn't as important.  Just ensure you aren't killing your outbound all the time as it with affect your inbound (download) speeds as well.