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Blocking unidentified devices on my wifi (using router T3200M)


Hi Everyone,


I have noticed a number of unidentified devices on my network, and would like to block them from using my network. I have identified as many as I could, and have 'paused' Wifi for unidentified devices using Telus' My-WiFi app.


Note that I have already changed wifi name and password regularly, but the repeat offenders show up.


Under Advanced Settings -> Blocking/Filtering -> Services Blocking, I have been able to block 5 devices maximum, which is probably due to the fact that for each of the 5 services (i.e. Web, FTP, Newsgroups, E-mail, IM), individual records for each service/device pairing are entered under 'Service Blocking List'. The records under this list are now maxed at 25 (5 devices, 5 services each device).


What other options do I have? Knowing a smart guy can change their IP address and try to connect again.


Thanks for your consideration with this.



If unknown devices keep showing up after you change the password then it's someone in your home that's giving the password out. If this is the case then your problem isn't one you can address with the router.

Thats the thing. I have not shared the password with anyone. For guests, I input the password to the wifi myself (given it would be tough to verbally tell). So in other words, the passwords to the admin account and WiFi are known only to me.

Just because you typed it in yourself doesn't mean they can't see or copy it later.

Are you running a guest WiFi as well? If not then consider setting one up. That way you can at least determine if it's a guest or a member of your household leaking the password.

Are you sure the devices are "unidentified"? Some devices, like smart devices and wifi enabled entertainment devices (DVD players, receivers, etc) don't identify themselves in a easily recognizable way. I have over 30 devices on my network and once in a while I think an unknown device shows up but it's just a device that I haven't turned on in a while like an old printer.

My identification process included finding the IP and the MAC address of everything in my household. The ones that are unidentifiable have names like LG, Motorola, and no one in my house, or in my friends circle use anything LG, Motorola.


But thanks for the suggestion of the guest wifi. i will consider this.

The next time these devices show up on your network don't block services. You should use the Schedule Access function which blocks all Internet access. I believe it uses MAC address so it doesn't matter what the IP address is.




Guest WiFi & Schedule Access it is then.

Have you changed the Admin password on the router as well as the WiFi password?

Yes indeed.