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Better training on door to door staff

Just Moved In

This isn't a question, but where I was sent to offer feedback. We signed up with Telus based on the discussion we had at our door with a sales guy. He sounded confident when he said we could remove individual channels we were not using within any given package. Which could save us more money. He was very wrong. We were excited about the option. I understand we can sign up for basic for $30/month plus $4 a channel or $7/package, but that is not what was being sold to us. It sounded as though I could get the $7 package and remove channels from that for cheaper. 

Anyway I am extremely frustrated by the lack of training and feel he may have said anything to "sign" us. If you could possible look at better training your door to door people that would be better, so others don't change providers without the proper information. Thanks for your time. 



I haven't had a TELUS sales call at my door in a very long time but I don't think they are any different than any other door-to-door sales. They make a living based on sales volume not customer satisfaction. It is what it is unfortunately. In the end it's caveat emptor.