Bad customer service over the past week


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This seems to be the best place to post this because there doesn't seem be another place to address all my issues. I’ve had terrible customer service with Telus over the past week.


On June 10, an unsolicited request came to my door asking to book time to upgrade to Fibre Optic. I booked for that Saturday June 10th for 9AM – 11AM. I received a call a couple of days later to confirm and I received an email confirming my appointment.


Issue #1) June 10th in the morning: I received a text noting that my appointment changed for the next day June 11th for the same time. No one called me so I called you to the number in the text (310-2255). I waited half an hour to get to someone in an overseas contact centre. She didn’t know why it was changed – no notes were filed. Not good.


Issue #2) June 19th: I missed a call that the appointment was rebooked for June 22nd. I called back later on that evening because weekdays don’t work. The contact centre told me that you can’t book on a weekend which was my first preference because I work on weekdays. So I unwillingly book for Thursday, June 29th between 8 – 9AM.


Issue #3) June 19th: I come home and want to watch TV and all my boxes need a new activation code. Why? I didn’t change anything. Turns out I get an email that for some reason my TV package has changed. On the same call as above, I get transferred to 2 more departments. None of them can source the issue nor give me the appropriate activation number within this same call. By the way, I’m on the phone for an hour now so I have to let the call go for an appointment.


Issue #4) June 19th: I try to login to my Telus home account and my access is “Forbidden.”

Issue #5) Prices have been going up for the past 2 years. My bill went from $106 to $126 with no real change in packages except for the next step up in internet. Does this justify a 20% increase??

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At the bottom of this page is a 'Contact Us' link. At the bottom of THAT page is a link to escalate your concern to a higher level. Given your description of happenings, I feel you'd be justified to escalate your concern. You may wish to reference this  thread, or cut and paste it into your email. Any other details you may have should be included in the missive you send to the folks at escalations.


I hope they are able to sort it for you!


Oh, and on point number 5 - the increase may also be due to the reduction in the bundle discount offered by Telus, in addition to the additional Internet speed cost.



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