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Just Moved In

Hey Telus, 


The issue: 

My March Bill came up with 2 items that I dont know what is it:

- Equipment One time Purchase on Mar 20 $350

- TELUS Boost Wi-Fi 6  $168

I contacted to Telus Support, however the supporter could not resolve the issue as well as explain to me what are those items and why it occured on my bill. 

In summary, he said TELUS Boost Wi-Fi  $168 is what I have been using since November 2022, but have not been charged, and now it will be charged. This information have been stated in my service agreement on Nov 28, 2022. However, I didnt have any service agreement on Nov 8, 2022. I tried to ask him / her to show me what page and what section contains that information, he/she could not show me that information.

I asked him about the  Equipment One time Purchase on Mar 20 $350, he/she did not tell me what is it, just said that he/she will give me $350 credit, but I will have to pay TELUS Boost Wi-Fi 6  $168 to have these credits. 


I relized that keep chatting with them will not resolve my issue, so I decided to go the branch office. 1 year ago, I tried to come to their office for another issue, but it was ended up  by "please call this number, they will help you to resolve the issue", Hopefully this time will be better. 


I post this for  2 questions:

- what are those items and why it occurs on my billing? 

I have not done anything on Mar 20. and I dont see any words of "Wifi 6", Wifi boost or wifi plus on my service agreements.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.