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Awful internet speeds and reliability

Just Moved In



I used to be a Shaw customer but decided to switch over to Telus with expectations of a similar service but with the added bonus of getting a TV for the 3 year sign up; what a mistake this was. Just to note, I had no issues whatsoever with Shaw's services, but I figured internet is internet and wanted to jump on the free 42" TV deal.


My TV and internet services were setup on Wednesday, January 29, and within 2 hours of installation I cancelled my services and am now going back to Shaw. After installation, I ran some internet speed tests, such as Ookla's (as recommended by the installation tech sitting right beside me at the time), and my speeds were averaging about 10mbps. If I were signed up for the 10, this would be fine and dandy; however, I was signed up with the 50mbps and had promises of good speeds and 'great technology' to provide them. 


The Telus installation tech said he was going to contact second tier support and try to determine why the connection was so awful (1/5 of the speed I'm being charged for), and by the end of their attempts to resolve the issue, I was told they don't know what to do or why I am receiving such awful speeds. The technician himself actually then told me that if it were him, he would be going to Shaw. He then opened up further and told me that the 'bonded' service Telus uses to provide these speeds is very poor and the hardware itself (router/repeater) is not very good either.


I am using a wireless connection that is on the same floor as me about 20-25ft away, and I receive speeds of 5-15mbps and constant lag spikes in my video games, making the service almost unusable. I understand that Wifi is not going to provide perfect speeds, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I did not have any issues whatsoever on Shaw's wireless router, yet here I am frustrated as can be that I made the provider switch.


Anyway, I was able to get out of the contract and service agreement due to it being so awful and apparently unsolvable. The solution offered to me when I called in to cancel my services was: "We can drop you down to 25mbps and get you off the bonded, we can provide those speeds much easier and your bill will be less!". This is not an acceptable solution to my problem, so I of course went through and cancelled. Unfortunately, I was told I have to pay for the month of service since it is already installed and activated, so I'm stuck with this poor performance for the next month, PLUS I have to pay for the speeds and service I am not receiving!


I'm not sure what I expect from posting this, but I suppose I just wanted to provide a bit of negative feedback and get the frustrations off my chest, as when I signed up for the service it was talked about like the holy grail; I suppose that's to be expected when it comes to sales reps (from any company). If there is one recommendation I would give to anyone looking into Telus, it would be to stay away from the 50mbps bonded service, as from my experience using the service and dealing with the technicians trying to solve the issue, it just does not function as one would expect. The end of February cannot come soon enough...


Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this post (it ended up longer than I expected), and if there is a way I can pass this feedback onto Telus directly as opposed to their messaging boards, please point me in the direction.


PS. I am not looking for tips or assistance in troubleshooting these issues, as the techs themselves were unable to fix this and my services have already been cancelled.