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Astronomical Bill

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I made the leap from Shaw to Telus years ago & at the beginning, I was really impressed. I was told that "bundling" my TV, Internet & hone phone was the best way to go however my bills have become so astronomical, I sometimes have trouble paying them. Back in Sept an attempt to reduce to my bill, I called a Telus representative & asked to speak with her about a different matter (which was resolved). I then told her that I needed to cancel my NHL Center Ice package as it was a luxury I can't afford right now. She said I couldn't cancel on that call and I would have to try and remember to call back at a seperate time to cancel that. Working 12+ hour shifts doesn't leave me with a lot of free time to spend on the hold waiting to get in touch with a representative.

My PVR box & remote are archaic- always rebooting. Sometimes the remote doesn't even work. Have been a long time customer because I used to find the customer service great. Sadly now I'm shopping around.

Community Power User
Community Power User
When you first signed up you probably had a promotional price. Shaw and Telus both do this. Not sure what you call astronomical prices. I get 15 theme packs of optik tv, 50mbps Internet and home phone for $220 taxes in which is cheap for me.

What Telus equipment do you have model #s? You can easily call and get your hardware replaced for free if having an issue. The customer has the power as they can use the I will jump ships if not upgraded. The less churn the better as the hardware is cheap to Telus.

Instead of calling in use online chat. Wait time is usually under 2 min or instant. Telus can't fix anything if you don't say anything. A simple call, or online chat will get your issues fixed with your optik service.


What is the breakdown of your charges? If it is for data, and you use Netflix, be aware that Netflix plays a dirty little trick with their service. By default your netflix account profile is set to Auto for quality. That means the signal quality from Netflix will be set automatically based on your internet service speed. The higher your speed the higher the quality they will send, and of course the higher the data use. You can go into your account in Netflix and set the quality manually to limit your data accumulation.