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Appointment cancelled

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My appointment has been cancelled yesterday. Your employee was supposed to show up from 5 to 7pm. He called me at 7pm saying that he had a customer booked last minute, and that he will not be able to come for me. (I had the confirmation of the appointment at least 3 times, 1 email and 2 voice messages). This is unacceptable, as I am usually working until 6pm and took 2 hours off, just to make sure to be home when your employee will come for the installation. He is supposed to come today but I will not be available before 6.30PM at the earliest. I will see if this time your employee will show up...

I would like to make a complaint and ask for a financial compensation for the inconvenience that I am currently experiencing.


Aurelie N.


Community Power User
Community Power User
You realize the Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you, who gather here to share information and knowledge. We have no insight to the inner workings of Telus, nor any ability to address your complaint or request. You CAN contact Telus directly through chat, phone, Twitter or Facebook, if you wish.
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