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Anyone else using an iPad losing the wifi when you don't use it for a few hours?

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Only started happening when I changed to telus TV with a different modem.  When I just had Telus Internet and phone I never had to power my iPad allthe way off and back on to get wifi.


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Haven't heard of it so far. What modem do you have? If the iPad has been asleep long enough, it will typically shut off wireless to save battery and reconnect on wake. Are any other wireless devices you have experiencing the same issue as the iPad?

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I think the modem is Actiontec modelT1200h. Yes my iPad goes to sleep but I used to just be able to go back in when I woke it up by putting in my ID. Now I have to power it totally off and start fresh. It never happened till we got this new modem when we changed to telus TV. Always had Telus Internet though.

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You should try going to Settings > Wi-Fi on the iPad rather than rebooting. This should be faster, and may give better indication of what is happening. 

It may be that while asleep, the iPad loses its lease to the gateway, and the assigned IP address is consumed by another device. 

Note: we have not noticed a similar issue with our T1200H and iDevices. 

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