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Annoyed to learn internet usage is limited.

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Would not have signed up with Telus if I'd known they charge for Internet data usage. Shaw cable did not have a fee. It is so probmatic switching to a different company .
I had to change my email address on my devices.

Community Power User
Community Power User
The plans clearly state the amount of data given, before one signs up. That being said Telus has much better upload speeds and more stable download speeds. Since you do not share with your area and have a dedicated line.

You do have the option to get unlimited data

How much data were you using before?

As for your email dilemma, I always use gmail or outlook for an address. That way you never have to worry about making a new email account.

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Shaw have data limit. all company have data usage limit. I believe Telus was the last one the charge for over limit. You also have an unlimited option to add on for $15.


Delta Cable, Eastlink, is the only BDU that offers unlimited that I am aware of and to use their service you pretty much have to live in Delta. 

Caps on data usage seems to me to have evolved as customers began streaming all their "TV" content while dropping their subscription to regular Optik TV. (A situation not unique to TELUS) Obviously, the substitution for TV service uses the Internet and companies have protected their revenue streams by steadily raising Internet pricing. I always wondered why, if you subscribe to Optik TV, you can stream two HD channels and one SD channel for a total of some 4,000Gb/4T per month yet you get charged by the Gb for anything over some set cap on your data plan.