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Angry !!!!

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Every month my cable bill is $45 , its been that way since I moved in over a year ago . I work a minimum wage job with VERY little wiggle room . I set up pre authorized payments last year to make sure my bill is paid every month and to budget . Well this month my bill was $111.30 !!!! I sat on hold with Telus for 2 hours for them to tell me somehow 3 packages were added to my account and that they made a mistake and because of it I would NOT be charged this month , at all. Woke up Friday morning and guess who took $111.30 out of my bank account ... Telus . Leaving me with $6 in my bank account to last me until next Friday ! . I called on Monday , only to be on hold for 3 HOURS transferring me to different departments . When I FINALLY got through I was told " You have to wait 24 hours before it shows payment was received on our end " , this was 3 days later AFTER they took my money !!! They told me they would call me back yesterday but it's highly unlikely i'all get my money back . No phone call . Called this morning , on hold 2 1/2 hours and nothing . Thank you sooooooo much Telus for your amazing customer service ... NOT !! Thank you for leaving a starving person with $6 in their bank account for 2 weeks because of YOUR mistakes !!!! Thank you for not even trying to right your wrong . You are a HORRIBLE company and I will never EVER EVER recommend you to ANYONE !!! Go with Shaw , everyone !!! At least they know how to treat their customers



There is usually quite some time between when the bill is presented and when the withdrawal is made, as I believe payments are made on the "due date".  Although your situation is quite unfortunate, you might wish to keep a closer eye on it, particularly when you see a problem and need to get it fixed for the next month.  Automatic withdrawals can be convenient and a good way to prevent late payments, but at the same time, when you have problems, they are a detriment.  If you had three packages added by mistake one month, they should have shown up as a credit the next month and your bill should have been less or nothing.  When you get an alert that there's a bill, make sure to check it.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Yeah, I've been there and understand how horrible that situation is. I don't use preauthorized for anything for that reason. If there ever is an issue like that. You can always call your bank and put a stop payment even if it's just for one payment. It doesn't have to be forever. Once a company takes the money out of your account it's painful to get it put back in. It's also painful to get the bank to pull it back. It might be a good idea to chat Telus and make sure they have the right email on your account! Have your email on your phone. Set your phone up for email notifications. That way when there's any changes to your account for any reason, (like 3 packages added) then you'll get an email notification right away!). Here's the chat link to do this:


I'm not sure what's in your cable package but, another cheap option you might like is Pic tv. Not sure if you heard of it? It's only $20 a month and contract free. You pay $25 one time to purchase the device. No rental fees. Then $20 a month to have 5 channels included. Then you can stream like an apple tv over the internet. No one installs it. It just gets mailed to you. That could help keep your budget nice and low too. Here's a link for you!

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I sympathize with your problem. Usually Telus mails, or emails, you a bill showing that some amount will be taken from your account on some date. I usually ignore them, trusting that everything will be correct, but your experience points out that it is actually important to eyeball your bill, as soon as it arrives, to make sure that it's kosher.


Usually, Telus sends you an email (if they have your email address) confirming that you have added a premium channel. This has happened to me a couple of times, "confirming" that I've added a channel that actually I would never be interested. I've called; they've suggested that maybe I added the channel by mistake (very unlikely); and they've reversed the charges (unfortunately with the same delay you experienced). The third or fourth time this happened I complained about the whole process, and the agent suggested that I put a "parental control" on adding channels--it's just a PIN that you have enter in order to confirm the channel addition (I guess to prevent the kiddies from adding the Playboy channel to the family tv). I asked him to do this, and I haven't had a "mistaken" channel addition since.  FWIW.