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Am I experiencing network congestion?

Just Moved In

Just installed Purefibre gigabit and since my old cable 300 connection is still not canceled I was doing some testing. I live in the Metro Vancouver area. So far I have been satisfied with the improved latency and speed tests performed on and and showed near or at gigabit speeds.

However, when downloading something from out east and also connecting to the work network, I noticed the speeds were poor, worse than what I had before on cable. So I did some tests, both with the T3200M as the router, my own router, and no router connected directly to my computer from the ONT. And swapping the connection from Telus with my cable connection to compare.

For example, when connecting to the Telus test server on located on Montreal, I get disappointing download speeds of 60 mbps, much less than what I was expecting. On cable I get near 300 mbps to the same Telus test server. Even on my phone on the Telus/Bell network I get above 100 mbps. And this is in the middle of the night where there one would expect the fastest speed.

Doing some further tests from cloud providers in places like Germany, New York, Dallas, Newark, etc. resulted in similar less than expected and sometimes slower than cable 300 speeds. Both in the afternoon and the early morning. resulted in slightly better results, however still only speeds under 600 mpbs download and under 300mbps upload to their test server in Quebec. Looking at the weathermap and using the looking glass, it seems OVH has a direct connection with Telus in Toronto. 

Even trying iperf3 to my family's share in Osaka (on a gigabit connection), I only get about 150 mbps download in comparison to the 310 mbps I get on cable. To be fair the upload is much faster with Telus, but overall still not what I expect especially compared to what I had before.

Am I experiencing some sort of networking congestion? Is this poor peering? Or is this just a bad connection or install and I can get this fixed?