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All ports blocks with own ONT and Router! Pure Fiber 1gb HELP

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Has anyone experienced this, I have removed the Telus router, put in my own ONT device, my router is working it gains its own public IP correctly. I have set up port forwarding but Telus is STILL Blocking all incoming ports.


What gives, I am paying for 1gig up and down, I should be able to run a simple game server to play with friends at home, but due to Telus blocking all ports I cannot even with my own hardware. I fully understand how to enable and configure port forwarding and have used this same router in the past on NOVUS Fiber which did not block anything. After all my reading and research I thought removing the Telus ONT/Router Actiontec 3200M would solve the issue.


I put the Telus provided router into bridge mode that did not work, I remove the Telus router altogether that did not work, why can I not have a basic function of home internet?


Telus is the only fibre service offered in my area so I'm locked into a monopoly essentially this is unacceptable anyone has advice on how to get more ports opened?


I can't run a plex server, I can't run a simple game server, think something as basic as Minecraft for the kids. Nothing that gives Telus!

Tech support simply says "It's out of our scope of what we support" Fancy way of saying you must buy BUSINESS INTERNET if you want to have access to ports is a terrible practice. 


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Community Power User

Telus doesn't block all incoming ports. Certain ports are blocked:


Running a server is probably not considered a basic function of home internet. Business customers (static IP) get internet access with no port blocking.


FWIW I have a NAS with internet access. I had to configure it to run on ports other than 80 to get it to work. Not a huge issue.



When you go to a site like does the public IP address match the WAN IP address on your router?


I just got the 1Gig purefibre plan yesterday, but before signing up I called Telus and asked if they were still blocking ports. Their website seems to contradict itself (somewhere it says they don't block ports and then there is that section that FuzzyLogic mentioned that lists certain ports that are blocked). The agent told me that they don't block any ports on PureFibre and the policy I was reading (HSIA) only applied to services delivered through copper (DSL). He reassured me that a business plan was not necessary.


As soon as the tech left yesterday and my internet was going, I logged into the Telus Wifi Hub (model: PRV65B444A-S-TS) and set it to bridge mode. Rebooted the Telus router and my own Ubiquiti router and once they came back, my Ubiquiti router was picking up an internet facing IP address. All ports I run services on (80, 443, 993, 587, 8448) were reachable from the internet EXCEPT port 25.


It also appears that 25 and 587 are blocked outbound.


I'll contact support again to confirm if I'm doing something wrong or if I was given wrong information.

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Community Power User

I imagine things are evolving with the rollout of fibre. It would be nice to have definitive information on what ports are block based on the service you have.