After 29 years of loyalty...this is service?


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I am at a loss for words. I recently joined this forum. I don't do forums however I was frustrated because I was on hold for two hours trying to report a payment to Telus for my mobility account and the automated system was not working. I ended up hanging up because two hours is rediculous and takes the "service" out of the term customer service department. I was however very impressed with the fact that it appeared that Telus was listening. They replied to my post and explained that they had indeed been unexpectedly experiencing delays. They apologized recorded my payment and I was happy. Afterall stuff happens, they acknowledged that their was a problem and I accept that. I am a loyal client for a reason...until I recieved another call that day. From a gentleman that refered to himself as a manager from the Telus home services department. He was calling due to my concerns... Ok? I said well a few weeks ago I noticed that I still had a home phone. That I had cancelled it several months earlier. I only found out I had a home phone because an incoming call displayed on my TV. That I thought it had been taken care of. I said that I also reviewed my accounts because I was being way over charged compared to people I knew that were new to Telus. He then became rude...these are new clients so they get better rates as a bonus for being new. It is marketing. I said I get that. I have been a customer for 29 years and my contract is about to mature. Does this make me new? He scoffed at me and said no, and your contract isn't due until March. Ok I said but when I moved to this address I renewed and did not receive your free gift offer so can I renew early for three years and recieve the TV. No you can't because I did a credit check and I am telling you right now you don't qualify under our good client terms for the offer. Your account is overdue. I tried to explain that I had fled an abusive relationship, that surely he could see after 29 years I pay, this was temporary and I was also waiting for my bill to show the credits for overbilling and not canceling my home phone. He said to just get the free gift idea out of my head. (The previous rep told me that I was eligible when my contract was up which was the only reason I asked if I could do a early renewal) he then said if you do want to renew early however for three years I can lock you in now (Are you kidding) and give you a discount. WOW?!?! Unbelievable. Jaw dropping. They have a customer loyalty department why?