Additional SSID on ZyXEL VSG-1432


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How to set up an additional SSID(s) on TELUS provided ZyXEL VSG-1432 gateway? 

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ZyXel allows up to 4 different SSIDs, here's what you need to do to set it up:


2 Access the "Wireless Netowrk Settings" page by Selecting the "Wireless" Tab at the top of the page
3 Click the "Addtional WLANs" tab below the "Wireless" tab 
4 To Enable a second SSID, click "Modify" Icon to the right of the "#1 TELUS1234_Guestx" SSID  
5 A seperate window will appear, allowing you to "Enable" the second Wireless. Once Enabled the process is identical to  configuring wireless (Change SSID name, Security type)
6 Click "Apply" and a second Wireless SSID will then be avaliable to join if a third or forth is reuqired, repeat step 4 with two other SSIDs