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Adding a service shouldn't take so long....

Just Moved In

Called tonight to add TV to my internet service, and sign up for the 2 year contract in order to get the $300 VISA gift card.


All in, I was on the phone for 53 minutes. That wasn't from me waiting to talk to someone, as I estimate that I was talking with a real person within 2-3 minutes of calling - I didn't have to wait and once making my IVR selections was connected immediately.


It also wasn't because I needed help selecting my services. I knew what I want, I had planned it all out in advance. Everything was chosen, including the theme packs. I knew the name of everything, the price, and the promotions I was eligible for based on the fine print from your website.


No, the issue was definately on the call taker's side. Once I immediately outlined what I wanted set up, he seemed to have significant difficulties processing the transaction. Over the course of 45 minutes, he repeatedly said it would be 'just a few more minutes', and then there would be no more talking for a LONG time - upwards of 8 minutes once. At one point I actually thought the call had dropped, and said "Hello?", just to get back  that he was still there, and still working on the computer. There would be a question every 5-10 minutes which I would promptly answer, followed by another long period of dead silence. When I finally hung up, the call timer on my phone was just rolling over to 53:00. All just to set up a new TV service - something I imagine your staff do with some regularity.


I don't know if it was a system issue (never explained to me) or if the staff member had absolutely no idea what he was doing and had to look everything up as he went along, but it definitely was not a pleasant experience. Hopefully you can take a look at the call, figure out what went wrong, and make sure it doesn't happen again to someone else. Contact me if you need information about the date/time or my account.