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Adding a router to enable DVR remote access


I am trying to get remote access to my Lorex DVR located in my home.

My current setup has an Actiontec V1000H which does not seem to allow me to forward ports to my DVR. The modem indicates that the ports are forwarded but when I try to test it with multiple methods, they do not show up.  I have read that Telus blocks ports by default and does not
 allow them to be open.
If I install my TPLink AC1750 with DD-WRT firmware to the Actiontec in Bridge mode, would this allow me to forward the port on the TPLink?
I have already discovered how to access the Bridge mode on the V1000H.
I have 3 set top boxes and two wireless extenders installed by Telus in my home already.
What sort of issues may I run into or will this even work?

Community Power User
Community Power User
Telus unfortunately blocks port 80 for residential customers. There is no way around this block besides getting a business line for your internet service.

Bridging the modem will not remove the restrictions on the ports Telus has closed.

What ports does your dvr require? I'm going to assume port 80 for the http server software you need to connect to.

You can check status of your ports at

I just found out that I can use any port for the DVR.  I am going to try something over 1025 as suggested by Lorex.


Would there be other ports above 1025 blocked as well by Telus?


I previously have tried to use port 88 and was unable to get anything to show it was opened and I was under the impression I was limited to lower port numbers.


I'm going to try a higher port when I get home to see what happens.

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Community Power User

Use the port checker tool in the link above. It will tell you what ports are "open" when you assign it a "port number" to check.


Here is a list of closed ones:


FTP Data Transfer20closed
FTP Control21closed
SSH (Secure Shell)22closed
Telnet, a Remote Login Service23closed
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)25closed
DNS (Domain Name System)53closed
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)80closed
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3)110closed
SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)115closed
NTP (Network Time Protocol)123closed
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)143closed
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol161closed
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)194closed
HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)443closed
Microsoft-DS SMB File Sharing445closed
SMTPS (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol over SSL)465closed
RTSP (Real Time Stream Control Protocol)554closed
RSYNC (RSYNC File Transfer Services)873closed
IMAPS (Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL)993closed
POP3S (Post Office Protocol 3 over SSL)995closed
RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)3389closed
PC Anywhere5631closed

I tried opening a port 1234 and disabling my AV software and turning off Windows Firewall and I'm still not seeing that port.


Any idea where I may be going wrong?

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Community Power User

Do you have both routers connected to each other currently, or just the Actiontec? If both, that could lead to a lot of problems. I've heard of some people having trouble port forwarding the Actiontec before. I'd suggest seeing if Telus will give you a newer T1200 instead. Lets you bridge port 1 right out of the box, no tweaks needed, so you can use your own router and should be able to get port forwarding working.


The other thing is, the firewall on the Actiontec may not respond to external port scans to see which ports are open. Though most of the ports on that list are blocked by Telus.

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I will try to get the T1200 from Telus and see how that goes.

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Community Power User
What Lorex model do you have? I will play with mine on the weekend and see what I can figure out.

Friendly Neighbour

That should work assuming you can put the Actiontec in bridge mode. I always would recommend putting the ISP provided modem/routers in bridge mode and attaching your own router. You'll get way better performance on your LAN using your own router. You can also then use a dynamic DNS service to essentially provide you with a "static" ip address. I use With this service you could set up a domain name like and access your cameras from anywhere. Your router will update the dynamic dns service with you ISP provided WAN address every time it changes.  Most routers support a few of these services.  ISP routers - not so much if at all.





I have an Edge+ DVR.


It already comes with a free DDNS service from Lorex that I am familiar with.

Going to call Telus today to see if they will give me a T1200.

So they are coming over to install the T1200 today.

Will I have to direct connect the DVR to that port on the modem? The DVR is located elsewhere in the house.

Is there documentation about the T1200 allowing port #1 to be forwarded? I don't see anything in the manual that speaks to this specifically.


Thanks for your help!