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Activation code

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I looking for a activation code

Community Power User
Community Power User

For which of Telus' services do you need the Activation Code?


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For tv.


Have an appointment scheduled to upgrade modem for internet says the day after tomorrow(WTF?)   for a 'move'.......and the tvs quit working at 11:30 all showing "enter activation code". The loyalty person did get me a great deal but sure screwed up the logistics of what should have been a simple modem upgrade!



The first telus guy on the phone could do waiting on the second telus guy to confer with collegue.

 No luck with the second guy either....says it's a billing issue. Let's try #3...might get a competent person.???

Usually takes at least 3 calls to resolve any issue with telus.



Not a gosh darn thing that TELUS can do to fix their screw up. Are there other internet options besides TELUS or SHAW?

There are possibly a number of small Internet Service Providers (ISP) in your area. A search for “Internet Service Provider” and your town name should offer a list.


If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Kudo"

I never would have thought of that!


Nothing that offers any speed or bandwidth......or TV. Stuck with the incompetence of 'The Big Two'. TV still not working....have a forth Telus rep (in billing) on the phone (I'm on hold with a silent line....I hope he's still there and my phone still works) and he said that it will be down until my appointment.  Shaw can be here almost as quickly...but,  I don't really want to change over again! Telus....fix YOUR screw-up!


I hr and 25 minutes on the phone mostly on hold...and waiting ...with no resolution in sight.

'Might' be able to restore service today.


And....the best part.......internet 150 is not even available here until after Nov all this was done for no reason.....and I'll have to endure another try at this again.

Everything is back to the way it just after noon.