Actiontec T3200M in bridge mode with ASUS RT-AC86U


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Check the wired connections on each side if your switch is managed. See if they are connecting at correct speeds and duplex.  Do not force them to connect at higher speeds and duplex unless you can force both sides.  This sounds to me like a duplexing issue, where the one side sees the connection at 1000/full and the other side sees it as 1000/half duplex.  This will let *some* packets through, but you will see crappy throughput, which will manifest as poor streaming resolution.


It only takes one bad connection, possibly at the media server to cause all this, so you'll have to check each connection one by one.  Networking issues like this are hard to troubleshoot. Sometimes a simple cable swap works to get it to negotiate correctly, sometimes a driver update, etc.  Start checking switch logs for errors, etc.  You want to see zero FCS errors, retransmits, etc on each port.

Ok but doesn't that cause a double may situation?
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@DouginCalgary wrote:


As the DSL modem is in the basement furnace room, placing the 86U adjacent delivers less than ideal wireless performance. I modified the configuration by connecting the DSL modem to a 6 port switch with also plugged in all four Ethernet drops. Off one of the Ethernet on the main floor, a better location for a wireless access point, I plugged the 86U via its WAN port thinking it would function the same as the original configuration described in the first paragraph. Sadly, it did not. Wireless clients could achieve internet connectivity via the 86U. Hard wired clients via any of the Ethernet drops had either no connectivity or received IP adresses beginning with 205.


Why doesn't the configuration with modem->switch->router not work the same as modem->router? Why do some clients get IP adresses starting with 205 when in this configuration?


Port 1 of a bridged T3200M provides ONE IP address. Adding the switch, with each of 4 Ethernet cables going to separate devices, is calling for 4 IP addresses, thus the error. If the other 3 devices don’t need to network with the Asus, they can be connected to the other 3 ports of the Actiontec, or you will need to look at other means to create a mesh, if you need interconnectivity between your devices.

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I recently got a new router ASUS RT-AC86U and has enabled port 1 bridge on the T3200M. However, after enabling that the LAN1-4 ports on the T3200M do not work anymore and it is the WAN port that has Internet, is this normal?


Right now I have WAN to WAN connection from the T3200M to the ASUS router but it feels like the T3200M is not properly bridged. Because it feels like I can have this setup with/without enabling the port 1 bridge in the T3200M.


I also can access the T3200M login page without hardwiring LAN1.



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You need to have the ethernet cable from Port 1 on the T3200 to the WAN port on your router. If you read the settings closely you'll see it's to bridge port one specifically. Do not plug anything into WAN on the T3200, aside from an incoming connection from a fiber optic ONT if you have fiber. Once you fix the cables, the other LAN ports should work again.

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If I had the cable from the Port1 on the T3200 to the WAN on my router then I wouldn't have any internet, that's why I decided to try the WAN port on the T3200. And this is with port1 bridge enabled.


This is the confusing part for me

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The WAN port is an input port; you should not be seeing internet through it.

Should be: phone cable to T3200M; LAN 1 to Asus WN; Asus LAN 1-4 to devices.

T3200M LAN 2-4 should still work.


It may be time to reset your T3200M to factory settings and start afresh.



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After a couple of resets I got it working the way it should be, right now I'm connected T3200M LAN1 to ASUS WAN.


Thanks for all the help and feedbacks.


Hi All

I have the same Actiontec T3200M and ASUS RT-AC86U.


As another used pointed out my setup was previously T3200M WAN to wireless router WAN, with various LAN devices plugged in to either. I was able to access my NAS from outside my home wifi network. My NAS is used primarily to store files so I can access them remotely (Synology Cloudstation) so being local-only is useless.


Now I have T3200M Bridged Port 1 to ASUS RT-AC86U WAN.

My NAS cannot connect to the greater internet as it gives me a double-router error. Tried tracert and the first two hops are 192.XXX.XXX.XXX and 10.139.XXX.XXX


Tried resetting everything. No help.


Why would I be getting double-NAT if the T3200M is bridged?