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Actiontec T3200M Scheduling Access Problems

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Has anybody figured out how to set the T3200M in advanced user controls so that device access is completely limited? I have certain devices scheduled so that internet should shut off at 9:00 pm every day, but it seems that certain apps still allow access. In particular, I noticed that Snapchat continues receiving snaps but may or may not allow the user to send them. Users seem to be able to access YouTube through the app, but not through a browser, etc.


I want ALL access to internet to cease when I have scheduled it to do so.


I have seen in other forum posts that customers get a runaround where they ask TELUS and are told that they are using unsupported advanced features and should ask Actiontec. When contacting Actiontec, they are told to contact TELUS because it is TELUS's version of the firmware.


I just want to make sure I am not missing any other settings that would allow access after the scheduled time.


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CPU Alum

To clarify....

  • do you want to disable your T3200M connection outside the home?
  • do you want to disable your wifi?
  • do you want to disable your Ethernet connection

Hooking up an electrical timer is a quick way to sever your T3200M connection.  However... this can mess up your T3200M and Optik devices as it takes time to resync.

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hi did you ever find a resolution to this issue?  curious as I am finding the same thing with my gateway.  internet is turned off, but wifi continues that allows the use of apps like you tube. 

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Community Power User
Your best option is to bridge the 3200 and use your own supplied router. It will have all the capabilities you'd require to lockdown the network.

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Hi Levendis,


I have not run into the issue you are describing and it is primarily because I haven't gotten to the testing stage yet in setting up device access.  The issue I have run into on the T3200M with respect to scheduling access is that I am unable to add more than 6 MAC addresses to the allow list to create the schedule in the first place.


I successfully add 6 MACs and when I add the 7th, the modem says it is saving my changes and will return to the configuration screen when done however what happens is that instead of returning to the configuration screen with the 7th MAC address added, the browser screen goes blank and I am no longer able to manage the modem.  I have to power off the device and back on to get the web management back and then I see only the 6 MACs that have previously added.  The T1200 I had before did not experience this limitation.


Unfortunately, I called into Telus and they kindly informed me that they do not officially support the advanced settings within this device.  Action Tech doesn't provide support either and refers you to the ISP that provides the modem.


I see there is a suggestion in this thread to place a router behind the Telus device which technically will work and in that case it would be preferable  to place the modem in bridge mode and disable all features.  I'm not sure what the impact would be to other services like Optik TV.


I'll test the functionality you were mentioning and see if that holds true in my case as well.  Have you added more than 6 MAC addresses successfully  to your scheduled access list?



Unfortunately I don't know if you'll be able to do this with the 3200.  You *may* need to use your own router and simply bridge it off of the Telus supplied one.



I've not tried this but I'm max at 6 now .while what i'd like to do is limit access to wifi to  my tablet and some other things I can't do this and still use the wifi. I'd also love to set supported wireless to certain channels but due to the limit of said firmware we can't as of yet.

I have to use 2 switches  just to  be able to use my  own pfsense router and not mess up the tv or  hope that info online will give me control of my network. But I do understand why they made it this way.


I'd be willing to  be a test case for services and beta firmware that may or may not allow better use of this hardware.

I'd like to be able to use wireless bridge etc mode .


I'm in the boonies but I'd really like to not have to use wps as it can be cracked in less then 15min.


I'll do some testing also the being able to login over wifi is not good 😞

As has been suggested and at the end of the day I agree that in order to really use advanced features, relying on the provider and their equipment is not a good idea.  They're really only providing connectivity to the Internet and their own services.  Household management (technology aside even) should be handled separately.  Yes it would be nice to have it all conveniently wrapped into a single place/package however that is not the case.

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