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4k compatible HD Boxes and list of telus equipment


Will telus this year or next bring to us the next generation 4k compatible PVR's and Set top boxes?

is there a link to all of telus's equipment in a list?


I really wish people would get their facts straight before they make statements like "4K is t least 6 years away"! I just talked to our Telus rep yesterday and was told 4K boxes are coming  Sept this year! Rogers already has 4K boxes in Ontario and Bell Fibe has 4K as well right now. Blue Jays games and Maple leafs games are already slated. If its already starting down east, why do people think we are 6 years away for Alberta? And Netflix has about 30-40 shows in 4K right now if you have the $12 subscription. There will always be people who would still like to watch channel 3 through a coax cable because they are so cheap. Others who actually enjoy TV and home entertainment will pay the money because they think its worth it. Also, People who cant see the difference in 4K (even when the TV is upconverting 1080P to 4K) maybe need to invest in a new pair of glasses first. Then come and see the TV's!

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Did anyone get the latest firmware update to the 4K PVR?  I have been checking every day and so far nothing.  It was supposed to have started around Nov 23.  

@vishaw:Whats the newest firmware?

It is still 33546.453.  But, there is a new one coming.  I am waiting to see if it cures my HDCP issues.

:My version is 33566.453(release)

@rayrayjj: Did you get update on the 4K box yet?  My other boxes already got the update a couple of days ago but nothing yet on the 4K PVR?  I am checking everyday.  I am hoping that the update may fix my hdcp problem that the last update introduced.

@vishwa;Mine is running 33566.453

@vishwa, Did you get the update yet, and what is the new update #,I think I had it a while ago but not sure what the new version number is?

@rayrayjj: Finally I got the update early morning today.  It is 33569.455(I think).  But, unfortunately, it still doesn't like my setup of Denon AVR X3200 and my 1080p TV to use HDMI output.  

That's what mine is to, now 😉

Your setup is very similar to what I have attempted to configure.........what is the make/model of the HD hardware that Telus provisioned you with? Is it the ARRIS VIP5662W and VIP5602W? What make/model of remote control hardware are you using? Is it the Slimline 2? Were you able to locate the IR windows on the VIP5662W/VIP5602W?