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4k compatible HD Boxes and list of telus equipment


Will telus this year or next bring to us the next generation 4k compatible PVR's and Set top boxes?

is there a link to all of telus's equipment in a list?


I really wish people would get their facts straight before they make statements like "4K is t least 6 years away"! I just talked to our Telus rep yesterday and was told 4K boxes are coming  Sept this year! Rogers already has 4K boxes in Ontario and Bell Fibe has 4K as well right now. Blue Jays games and Maple leafs games are already slated. If its already starting down east, why do people think we are 6 years away for Alberta? And Netflix has about 30-40 shows in 4K right now if you have the $12 subscription. There will always be people who would still like to watch channel 3 through a coax cable because they are so cheap. Others who actually enjoy TV and home entertainment will pay the money because they think its worth it. Also, People who cant see the difference in 4K (even when the TV is upconverting 1080P to 4K) maybe need to invest in a new pair of glasses first. Then come and see the TV's!

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Just had the 4-K PVR (Arris VIP5662W) installed.  They didn't bring a new remote as it's apparently the same as the old PVR.  Glad for that because I had to learn all the remote's commands for my iRule iPad App.  I'm running the PVR through an Onkyo TX-NR838 Receiver to a JVC X500 Projector.  The new PVR has options under Screen Aspect Ratio for 2180p 60Hz 4K and 2180p 24Hz 4K.  I was happy that my setup works fine with the 60Hz.  The preview channel does look good, now waiting for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

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   I just looked up iRule on the iTunes App Store. Looks interesting. Care to post some of your experiences with this software so others can learn?  There are often questions about Telus remotes, especially about the lack of connectivity to certain devices, or inability to switch inputs.



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I've paired the new 4K receiver to the Optik TV app on my iPad.  I notice that channel 905 (TSN 4K) is not showing in it's guide.  Anyone else noticed this?

Telus will have to push an update to add it to the channel list. I'm sure it will be added before the Olympics start.

It has been in my guide since July 14th. Watched a CFL game in 4K the other day. Pretty impressive.

The optik guide is fine. It's the guide listing in the mobile app. I would power cycle the phone after you check for an update for the app.

Yes, it's in my Optik mobile app as well.

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Is the Telus 4K PVR the only box that outputs in 4K? 

The reason why I ask is that we recently upgrade one of our living room TV's to 4K however the Telus PVR is installed downstairs in the theater room.

If we upgrade the PVR to 4K do the other boxes get upgraded as well?



@JCD2418 Nope, the Pvr is the only equipment so far that's 4k and the boxes will be soon but they don't know when,I just looked at Bell which is almost the same Pvr and by what I see they still don't have the wireless boxes yet so I would say as soon as they have them telus will have them😀The Pvr upscales regular tv to near 4k tv.

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@JCD2418  You could always move the PVR to the 4K tv and put the regular 1080p box in the theatre room.

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The only issue with that would be that there is no internet line going to the 4K TV would only a cable line for the current HD box

Can I say thank-you telus for being the first to have Netflix and now the only 4k Pvr in western Canada,wow you guys are listening to your customers😀I just love my 4k Pvr and how great the picture looks and if I recall this Pvr is better than my father in-laws dish network 4k Pvr they have in Arizona, great job telus and keep up the great work👌👍👌.

It's too bad that the Opening Ceremonies weren't broadcast live in 4K... such a great looping animation with music still on channel 95. Attempting to be patient.

Does the new 4K PVR work any differently than the regular PVR? Any new features, other than 4K output?


Optik TV isn't designed for a "wired house" type of operating environment because you can't put multiple PVR's and STB's in the same location. To do that, you need more sophisticated IR controls such as user assignable ID's for the PVR/STB units and their corresponding remote controls. I keep hoping Telus decides to get serious about being usable in high-end installations but so far, no luck. Bell ExpressVu has had these features for decades. Why are Telus and Shaw so far behind?  

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I believe Bell uses the same PVR for its IPTV, so is similarly far behind the old satellite units.
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I'm not sure if you are talking about what think you are...but I guess you are saying you can't place Optik Boxes in a single location, say your basement, and control them via cheap IR Blasters.


I would like to state that you can in fact do this, here is my set up.


- 3 Optik 4K Boxes(One main PVR and two satellite) located in my basement, along with all my other AV gear.

- HDMI over Cat5e/6 Extenders, bringing the video/sound source to wall mounted TVs throughout house

- Cheap IR Blasters/Receivers from Monoprice, attached in front of the IR ports on the PVR/STBs  


Works great. Doesn't cost much. All parts from Monoprice...maybe 300$ total including the HDMI Extenders


By now I am hoping that quite a few people have this model of 4K PVR.  I have noticed a occasional but recurring behaviour that I thought I ask if anyone else noticed.  When watching a recorded program if I hit fast forward or rewind(to catch up something we didn't hear clearly) it loses audio.  This happens to me about once or twice in 10 times.  Once the audio is lost, sometimes it comes back by just going to live TV, sometimes I have to change several channels until the audio reappears and once in several of these occasions, I have to restart the PVR to get the sound back. 

I was thinking that it couldn't just be me and there must be others who have experienced this.  I had some other glitches as well and Telus offered to send a technician out but I said I will wait for a while and see how it goes.  I thought that there is not guarantee that the next box will not exhibit the same symptoms and then it would be a waste of their and my time. Any feedback is appreciated.


While I'm not experiencing the issue you described, I have been noticing that when I skip forward during a program it sometimes jumps to the end and I'm required to restart the recorded program to get back to the place I left off.

Thanks.  Actually, I have noticed it too but less frequently than the other behaviour.  So, it just escaped my mind both here and while talking to the Telus Tech support.

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The fast forward and jumps to the end has been happening a long time (PVRs) It seems to randomly pop up for no rhyme or reason.

Maybe so, but it wasn't as common for me as it is now with the 4K PVR. It happens almost every time I watch a recorded program.