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3x IPV5050 + VEN500 = constant disconnection for IPTV

Just Moved In

So I have a T1200H modem, a 4k box (not sure model) attached directly to the modem, also have a VEN501 attached directly to the modem.

The three wireless IPV5050s are strewn throughout the house. I have to continuously "hard reset" (hold button for 10 seconds) my IPV5050s as I keep getting the screen which tells me to hard reset my IPV5050.


My question is, how many devices can the VEN501 support @ once? 

From what I have found out on these forums the VEN501 works on the 5.4GHz range, and AFAIK most routers or other wireless devices really only have 2 5.4 GHz channels.

I have a feeling my devices are fighting for a connection, but I cannot find the technical documentation for the VEN501.


Any help/direction would be appreciated.


Just Moved In

Doing a little more research I found this:


this shows me that my VEN501 may be too close to my T1200H?


Also I am seeing that this device as per DSL reports has 4x4 antenna, an so should support 4 streams but are the streams bridged? if that were the case then there would only be "2" streams (to deal with high def signal).


Does anyone have experience with these devices? what has been your typical distance (walls and such in between) that you were able to have this system work (VEN501-IPV5050).


TELUS tech support seems to be a dud, nice people, just not much technical knowledge. I usually seem to know more about their products.


Now the weird part is there never used to be any problems, it just came out of nowhere one day, where we had to keep resetting these boxes. So no idea what brought this on. The only device that has not been exchanged is the VEN501, maybe it has failed? It's been 2 years that I've had this setup and have replaced 3 modems, countless IPV boxes, and one PVR (upgrade to the latest 4k just last week).


Any answers?

My VEN501 was about 12 to 18 inches from my T1200H.  My Optic was reliable with 3 TV's scattered around the home.  I think distance, walls and interference will yield different results from home to home.


Since moving to the T3200M, I no longer need the VEN501.