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3rd Party Router Support with Fibre


I was wondering if I can connect a third party router directly to the ONT. 


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Community Power User

Yes, but if you have Optik TV, it needs to manage the multicast TV signal.  Search the term 'multicast' in the Neighbourhood for a number of topics discussing this.



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Thanks for the reply NFtoBC I do not have Optik TV. I also just got off of the phone with Telus and they said they won't guarantee speeds with your own equipment and recommend that you bridge them. I was also wondering if anyone knows why Telus is not able to offer above their 50Mbps on Fiber?

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Community Power User

You may be in an area that they are still actively rolling out fiber. 


As for your own equipment, ONT > Switch > Telus Actiontec on one port, your own router on the other. Telus won't offer support for your own gear which is why they won't guarantee it'll work at full speed, even though it should be fine.

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Cut out the switch and the Actiontec, he doesn't have TV so it would be pointless. Just plug your own router into port 1 on the ONT, ignore what they said about speeds. In my testing, Actiontec got me 101/22, my router got me 118/29, that's on the 100 package. 

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Hmm... This is very interesting. I'm on Fibre, and I will try this as well. What do you guys recommend for a router?

Personally I like Ubiquiti, Mikrotik or Cisco. I hear the higher end Asus units are decent. If your feeling adventurous try out pfSense.