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my mom and dad both have 3 hd feeds and 1 sd. my moms friend out in the town of Vernon, BC only has 1 hd.


and i see the 4k pvr has faster speeds and 5 hd plus 1 sd. will or how will people with more than 5 people in the house record there tv shows?

is the isb 6015 5 feeds? or the next set top box or pvr have more feeds and faster processors pins? (speed)

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You've asked this question before. It is all dependent on the available connection speed. More speed equals more HD feeds. It has nothing to do with the PVR or Optik boxes at the house. 


4K says "up to" 5 HD feeds. Not always guaranteed because of the above mentioned reason.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

it is quite simple if you do the math.


an average HD stream requires ~4mbit of bandwidth ( rounded numbers for ease of use) a 4k stream around 23mbit.


Let's say you have a 25 mbit connection, your maximum would be 3 stream; because you still require bandwith for you other devices besides in your home. Plus approaching the maximum margin puts a strain on your picture quality.


The above is a simplification as a lot more variables can come into play.


TLDR : it all depends on your bandwidth capabilities