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1080i keeps switching to 720p


I've noticed this a few times that my PVR display setting defaults back to 720p even though I have set it at 1080i, any idea what is going on? How can it be fixed?

Could possibly be that your TV is actually 720p. May want to check your TV's specifications to see wether you have a 720p or 1080p TV.

The tv is 1080p, I have a LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, I had the same issue with the tv we had before, maybe it's the old antique Telus box?

Just I I set up my visio 4k 50 inch smart tv I see it was 720 but for the passed 6 months I had it on 1080p on my 32 inch lcd 1080 tv, I think I had the same problem.... May be software issue.. Or really outdated failed box.

I have three boxes in my house, it is the PVR that keeps switching back to 720p, I wonder if Telus has a solution except for replacing the box.

Have the same problem again just saw again that my visio 50 inch 4k smart tv isb 330 set top box is switching 720p now a few times in the past three months.


This will happen every time you watch 720p content on Optik. Most channel still only support 720p streaming, so it defaults back. :S

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