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Hi all, 


When will the Optik On the Go website be updated to not use Adobe Flash?


All browsers have deprecated Flash support now, and it's a struggle to enable it.  When it is enabled, the website constantly stutters and cuts out.  The iOS and Android apps work fine.


Are there plans to upgrade the site to use HTML5 or release a Windows app instead?  I've asked this question several times but your frontline reps don't have an answer 

Community Power User
Community Power User

The front line reps won't be able to answer that type of question unless Telus has announced the update already. I imagine the update will come but since there has been no announcement yet, when is unknown.

Status changed to: In progress
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@EndlessBliss Hi, we do have some major changes in the works lined up for Optik On the Go, we can't timeline yet, but will make an announcement here once we have more news 🙂 

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How about an update on the timeline? Microsoft has released a Windows update (KB4577586) that removes Adobe's Flash Player before it reaches end of support on December 31, 2020.  Please advise as this is a critical piece of functionality for many.  


As a side note: I'm hoping the new version will be competitive with Shaw's option for watching on a PC/MAC. It's substantially better. (reliable, can watch recorded material with Apps remotely, has rewind/skip.....).



I just received an email from TELUS regarding this.


Starting Nov. 9, we're making some upgrades to the way you access your Optik TV services through the app and your browser. The biggest change you'll notice is that Flash is no longer required to access Optik TV through your browser along with several other upgrades for an even better experience.

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Telus's onthego browser app SUCKS and that's putting it mildly!! When watching sports it's nearly impossible to determine which teams are playing let alone which player is who because the resolution is so low, maybe 140P .. Why is it that Telus, despite claiming to be working on big changes and improvements for years, haven't been able fix this pathetic piece of software? Perhaps it's time to look at other vendors..

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This browser App is horrendous, how can Telus not get this right??? every competitor on the planet has this working, Soooooo frustrating i'm seriously thinking about switching providers, just can't understand it.

Status changed to: Closed
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Community Manager