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I have just signed up with Telus (switching from Shaw due to Telus fibre optic upgrade in our neighborhood). We just got Telus installed last weekend but I am very disappointed to find out "The Frame" is exclusive to Shaw only and that Telus has nothing like it. Is this true? If so, please get something similar! I have searched for something like it on Telus and there are aquarium and kittens etc... very poor. Not even close to the spectacular scenes you can get on "The Frame" with Shaw. I loved having The Frame on during the day or when company was over. It was like rotating art on your wall instead of a big black box.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There is already a conversation about this, and you have replied to it already.



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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Please refer to original idea submission.


This was discussed 2 years ago and the idea was supposed to be passed on to the programming department.  Never did get an answer.  Is this something that is exclusive to Shaw ?  Much as I like Telus' kittens etc.  they do NOT COMPARE to "The Frame' !  If this is a travel agency  sponsored site, could Telus not look into acquiring it as well....?   Ask any former Shaw subscriber if it would be a worthwhile addition to Telus and you'll get a resounding "You Bet !"  Can we please re-visit this request ????