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Well i have been a costemer with Telus for the last three years and let me tell you that I'm not impressed. When i started with Telus i paid 99.00 a month for internet and cable. Three years later and i haven't changed a thing on my account and now i just received a bill for 141.75 for the new price for a month. Now as far as i see things thats one hell of an increase. So the magic number is now 42.56 of an increase in three years.From what i see thats almost an 69% increase. I would be ok with this if i was getting more? but I'm not getting anything extra for it? Did everyone at Telus get a raise? If the prices keep going up like that nobody will want cable. No company should be able to price like that? As far as i can see i don't now anybody that is getting a 69%raise in there income from his or hers job within three years for doing nothing extra. Not inpressed at all.

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And your IDEA is....?



EDIT: did you have a new subscriber discount applied to get the $99 pricing?


I agree with @NFtoBC this isn't an idea @davidmcneill19 


Gone are the days where ISPs can offer super cheap internet. Their legacy networks that they used to offer DSL are antiquated and lack the capacity required to give consumers the fast internet they have come to expect. They are investing BILLIONS into fibre optic networks and with that investment comes price increases. 


There are a ton of wholesale providers you can choose for internet. If you aren't happy with the price, I suggest looking at one of them.


Hidy ho @davidmcneill19 ,

Thanks for submitting your Idea. Our Ideas platform is committed to improving products and services for our customers. This submission is about one particular account so it doesn't quite fit within the guidelines of what Ideas is all about. However, we'll be more happy to take a look at your account specifically and provide you with some guidance on how to get package that suits your needs. 

Please visit and we'll be happy to review with you.

Have a great day!


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