please stop using canada posts "auto complete" service for accounts


It is complete garbage for rural users. mine and many other rural addresses do not exist in their data base, despite it being Canada posts RURAL PO Box.

The only solution im seeing here is "go visit a telus store"

I cant order a new phone now and I couldn't even pay my bill with my credit card if i wanted to.

 i'd love a 2 hour round trip. thanks

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Community Power User

You can pay through online banking and save the trip. 


Telus needs to use some form of official database to determine addresses. You’d be amazed at how many incorrect iterations of an address folks would complete, including completely fabricated ones. 

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Could also complain to Canada Post as well that their system is not working for rural customers. I know in Alberta they re-did the addresses on a huge number of rural areas to give them a rural street address instead. Mail still would go to the rural PO boxes though.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@alliesan Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for submitting your idea. After review, we have decided to not move forward with this idea. Canada Post remains the best option for us to manage addresses. If you have trouble in the future with credit card payment, please contact us by phone, and a representative will be happy to assist. 

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