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Status: Closed
when u rewind, forward or pause can the bottom part of the screen be transparent & not black 😞 thx.
CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I agree, that huge black bar is a nuisance for closed caption.  That black bar need to be smaller or perhaps a 80% transparency.


That bar also needs to be 50% wide when showing 3D movies.  The bar is unuseable when watching 3D video on demand.

Just Moved In

This has got to go!!!


Whoever designed this has clearly not actually used it while watching TV. That navigation bar (black bar) drives me nuts!!!


The bottom of the screen is where information is provided: upcoming programs, sports scores/info (ticker tape).

It stays on the screen way too long. Why at all after you press Play on the remote.


It's so glitchy too. I press Pause on the remote and sometimes it pauses and other times it doesn't pause and the nav. bar appears and I need to press pause again. So I usually miss what I'm actually pausing to see. so I rewind and the nav bar is still there and as soon as I get to the point I want to pause, the nav. bar will disappear and I'll press pause and it doesn't pause, but the nav. bar comes up again, and I'll need to press pause again! Endless cycle of un-necessary BS!


At times I want to leave Telus just because of this frustration!

How is it possible that the UI designers never thought to make the appearance of the nav. bar an option you can turn on or off.

Given the choice, I have no use for it! Get rid of it!


Are we really expecting anyone to read these comments and do anything about it! 

FU Ericsson mediaroom!

Status changed to: Under Review

Dear @pocoloco 


Thanks for submitting this great Idea! We are taking a look at this with our Optik TV product team and will let you know oncewe hear back. 


Have an awesome day!

Status changed to: Requires Evaluation
Just Moved In

Totally agree!!!


Enough of the lazy lip service please. This was 4 years ago and nothing’s changed!   Get rid of the annoying useless overlay bar.  Or allow us to disable it.  And add Slo-mo. No more excuses!!


Get with the program. The year is 2018 and you still can’t program this in?  Where is your continuous improvement?

Just Moved In

This is something that I've been curious about.

Here is an example of what the bottom bar looks like today: Snapshot_20190531_113557.jpg


@pocoloco @CN_Tower @Meister @xl - Do you think it will look better if it is at 80% opacity?

Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager