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Sitting around today and watching the Euros -final group games are on at the same time - but ur multiview app is gone so I can't keep track of of both games at the same time.

Now I'm competent enough to open my optik on the go and do it - that'll increase my WiFi usage. And therefore my bill (kinda sneaky btw). So I'd like to have the multiview/PiP feature back. Usually company's improve features - not remove them entirely. The ONLY reason I can come up with that the feature was removed was to increase WiFi data usage, at near the same time Telus started adding data caps - coincidence? I think not.

So - when is this feature being readded as has been previously mentioned, and feel free to share why it was removed in the first place.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @hawki


I commented on your original idea here:


We've removed the feature due to low usage and to reallocate resources to other initiatives. We do have something else in the pipeline which we'll annouce once it's ready 🙂


Closing this topic as it's a duplicate.