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Please demonstrate some compassion before cutting the landline phone service to homes, particularly seniors, who do not have access to online services. A courtesy call is all it would take to determine the reason for not paying their bill. The emails have not been received-they missed the memo at the bottom of the last invoice, they are ill just  to name a few. We are in the middle of a world crisis, we do not need more stress. We do not all live in the virtual world-nor do we wish to. I remember a time when this was a common practice, what has changed?

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Con, thanks for joining and participating in our forum. You are right, it is a stressful time right now for everyone. While we can't comment on this particular instance, we do want to point out that between March and June, we had made adjustments our business practices to halt service suspensions for all customers. After June, we serve customers on a case by case basis, depending on their needs. So please reach out to our client account management team at 310-2500, or 1-888-811-2500, and we'll be able to work with you. 


As this wouldn't qualify as an idea, this post will be closed. We look forward to future participation from you 🙂