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Status: Closed
A charger that connects through Bluetooth for wireless charging for phones laptops etc with long range Bluetooth charging so you can always bee charging around the house or apartment the future is friendly
CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I think you are looking at something ambient wireless charging...  while it works, it may take a long time to charge today's devices.


At this time there are charging mats, but one wonders about the EMF issues and you need to have the device on the mat to work.


Hi @ericmmccormack,


Thanks for your suggestion. It certainly sounds like an interesting charging system.


We carry a variety of accessories that help improve the daily lives of our customers, but we don't actually develop them ourselves. We really appreciate the thought, but we'll have to pass on this idea as it's not quite in line with the areas of innovation our team is focused on.


Please do keep suggesting ways we an improve our service and products.


- Amber

Status changed to: Closed
Community Power User
Community Power User

Looks to be a long way off: