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Status: Under Review

Being that the new 4.4.2 release for Samsung has begun to be rolled out with the new wifi calling feature added to its update, it would be nice if Telus would enable this feature. There are many times that this would be handy, one being my bed room it gets very poor cell reception, I have to place the phone in a very specific spot to get service since upgrading to LTE. CDMA I used to get coverage anywhere in my room. This way I would be able to use my phone since I have wifi all over the house...


I also have a case since this is a business phone where a town where I work there is no cell coverage in two areas other than Rogers since they just put up a tower last year. We have our own towers covering the area with wireless and I have put wireless routers into the tower base so this way I can drive up to the tower and get internet, but being able to drive up to one of our towers and make a call would be nice.


It might also help keep customers who do have wifi at camp but no cell service as well. Most people switch away to what ever provider is in the area they are trying to get service in and well if they were able to make/receive calls over wifi then it would give one less reason to switch away.


It would also be nice if this is a free addon as most of the US providers are doing it for free. Most of the data used to make the call is moved off of telus's cell network onto the internet instead so I can't see how or why there would be an added charge for a service like this since people have to pay for their internet bandwdith anyways...

Status changed to: Under Review
Dear @jb_008, We appreciate your feedback on wi-fi calling on Samsung devices and will take this Idea to the mobility team and get back to you with more information.

Dear @jb_008 


I just wanted to let you know that we are holding this idea for future consideration because we are currently exploring wifi calling capabilities.