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Status: New Idea

I would like to see Telus enable WiFi calling capabilities outside Canada.


I have NOT heard a realistic or reasonable explanation as to why it is not offered.  I have heard some explanations that make little or no sense..

- It is illegal - NONSENSE.  It is illegal in some places, like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, It is not illegal most places.  Rogers, Freedom, and I think others like Videotron offer it internationally.

-Our partners that provide the wifi calling internationally have not signed agreements with Telus.

OH REALLY?  WiFi calling is provided over the internet, internet to TELUS head end.  Telus is not responsible for signing agreements with internet providers for this. The end user gets the connection (this was the "nonsense" explanation today).


-Speculation - maybe, just maybe, they meant they didn't have agreements with mobile services providers "in other countries....SOOO...why would "all of these" other providers sign agreements with Sprint, TMobile USA, AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Freedom, etc, and NOT sign agreements with Telus?  Moreover, why would Verizon/Sprint/AT&T/T-mobile offer pretty much global WiFi calling to their own customers and somehow sign an agreement that Rogers, Freedom, etc. and NOT Telus can also do wi-Fi calling?


These explanations do NOT make sense.  Enable WIFi calling globally (except where prohibited) please.  And if there is a bona fide (ie. "none of the nonsense reasons above") why Telus can't do it, I'd like to know.


Please explain this properly and fix it.


Thank you.




Three weeks, no response at all.


Let's see this put in place please. 


Two months - not even "under review".


Qjuite a lot of carriers who offer wifi calling offer it pretty much all over the world.  I'd venture to say most of them do.  And Telus can't even provide an answer why they don't?


It is pretty poor customer service to not even respond...


Nothing.  NO under review.  NO response.  Not a word.


TELUS - SAY something.   You have NO excuse for this.  Enable it.  Nothing has befallen Rogers or Freedom or VideoTron for doing it......nor AT&T and countless others.  What's your problem?


Where I visit in the US has NO coverage.   Not in their house. Not in their local Wal Mart.  They use WiFi calling to get around it, because they don't have "Telus handcuffs" nor should anyone else.

Just Moved In

This is a piss off, and continues to be. Telus is just doing this to boost roaming revenue. Nearly every other North American carrier allows this except TELUS. 


You might be able to get around it using a VPN but it is hit and miss. As someone who carries two phones, I just moved 1 line to Rogers.


Years go by and they say nothing.....


Tell Us why you won't allow wifi calling overseas, please.


And the reason must not be a nonsense one...